Baby Arlo

When a baby is born, everything changes. A new little person is introduced into a family and they will develop their own unique, completely original character. When I met this little man for the first time in the hospital, wrapped in his warm blanket covered in elephants, I realised then & there the value of capturing these first special moments exactly how they are. 

Baby Arlo, formerly and affectionately known as 'Bump' had the tiniest little fingernails and toes I have ever seen. His gorgeous head of dark hair, his enormous yawns, his inquisitive nature and the way he so eagerly snuggled into his Mum's arms made my heart melt. His gorgeous parents Florence & James had waited so patiently for their little man to arrive and I could feel so much love, warmth and care as soon as I entered the room. 

I am always truly in awe when I meet a new little person and think about the fact that we all start out that small. So innocent, fragile and curious with so much in store for us in the future - and at this point, we have no idea about any of that. I can't wait to see what the future holds for you, Arlo!