Marissa's 21st Birthday

21st birthdays: the centre of any twenty-something year old's social life. Always filled with laughter, insane dance moves, tasty cake and memories - there's definitely something special and unique about capturing that. 

Marissa Kurbatfinski is a long-term friend and client of mine who has always shown courage, grace, humour and just the right amount of crazy. When she invited me to attend and photograph her 21st I thought instantly that it would be perfect in the most understated way, and when I arrived at the Cathedral Hotel in North Adelaide I knew I was correct. 


The venue, a gorgeous Victorian pub with contemporary decor and a balcony overlooking St. Peter's Cathedral, absolutely blew my mind - along with the delicious finger food they brought out that I couldn't keep my hands off (especially the margherita pizza - I can't resist the cheese, guys!)

Marissa's family & friends went out of their way to give her a night to remember.  A special mention to Josh, who delivered a hilarious yet heartwarming speech reciting his top five 'Marissa Moments' (aka, blonde moments), to Fitzy - Marissa's soon-to-be housemate who told us all a a quick story about how Marissa has a bit of a thing for locks and to Kiara, who spent her evening running around with a polaroid camera, making sure Marissa had a photo of every single attendee. When Marissa's dad gave his speech, I could see both parents beaming with pride - and I completely understand why. Marissa truly has grown up to be such a wonderful, determined, talented, creative and utterly unique woman whom any parent would be proud of!


I couldn't finish off my blog post without mentioning Marissa's dress - a work of art in itself! The Beloze Maxi Dress by Aje, a part of the Aweleye Resort 2017/18 international limited edition dress with only 2-4 pieces made in each size. This dress was a collaboration piece between Aje and Pwerle Aboriginal Art Gallery - the artist of the print on the dress being Minnie Pwerle. 

I had the most amazing night capturing all the fun and I am so excited to get a head start on the full gallery - Happy Birthday Marissa!

"It takes courage to grow up and become exactly who you are." Some very wise words from E.E Cummings, and extremely appropriate in the case of Marissa. 

Makeup: Matt Lowe
Cake: Design Me A Cake
Venue: The Cathedral Hotel